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Lucid: No Artificial Dyes Ever

No artificial dyes ever. #lucidabsinthe   Have you ever wondered where to buy Lucid Absinthe? Check out our new list of Lucid suppliers!     You’re reading our new Lucid Absinthe blog!   The Trinity. A cocktail featuring three simple and powerful ingredients. #historyworthrepeating

History Worth Repeating

Lucid Absinthe. For moments of inspiration. #historyworthrepeating Learn about Lucid’s distillery in France #historyworthrepeating Hemingway. Great American writer. Absinthe drinker. #historyworthrepeating Lucid’s herbs are picked fresh in the famous Loire Valley. #lucidabsinthe The Violet Femme. A very burlesque cocktail. #historyworthrepeating

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to our new and more user-friendly website!     The experience of Lucid isn’t just about the drink. It’s about being part of a rich history of great thinkers and creators who enjoyed absinthe at the turn of the century. #historyworthrepeating     Lucid Absinthe. History worth repeating.     At the turn of…

Authentic Absinthe Experience

“You will buy me for your enjoyment.” – the cat eyes as they hypnotize you   Exhibit 1A: A photo of the absinthe shortly before it disappeared.     Some questions are a real puzzle. #lucidabsinthe   Knowledgeable absintheurs and bartenders know that authentic absinthe such as Lucid is not lit on fire. This weekend,…

Have a Very Lucid New Year

Make the weekend interesting.   Make the New Year fun. #lucidabsinthe   Happy New Year from Lucid Absinthe. Never stop being creative.   Simply beautiful. #lucidabsinthe #lucidabsinthe   What does van Gogh dream of? #lucidabsinthe

Happy Holidays from Lucid

The hour of the green fairy draws near. #lucidabsinthe   Happy holidays from Lucid Absinthe.   #lucidabsinthe   The holidays call for celebrating with style.

Poster, Spoon, and Cocktail

The woman is saying: “I satisfy my desire, my taste and my health [with absinthe]” A spoon that tells you exactly what it’s for… Sometimes it’s fun to break from the traditional method of preparation and enjoy an absinthe cocktail.

The Green Fairy – Fan Art

She’s had a long day… now it’s time for absinthe… Absinthe glasses are not just beautiful, they also make it easy to see how much absinthe to pour. Have YOU ever been visited by the green fairy?

Lucid Bombay Cocktail #2

Ingredients: 1 dash Lucid Absinthe 2 dashes Curacao ¼ oz French Vermouth ¼ oz Itailian Vermouth ½ oz Brandy Preparation: Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Enjoy. Source: The Savoy  Cocktail Book, © 1930 Harry Craddock

Block and Tackle Cocktail

Ingredients: 1/6 Lucid Absinthe 1/6 Calvados Apple Brandy 1/3 Brandy 1/3 Cointreau Preparation: Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Enjoy. Source: The Savoy  Cocktail Book, © 1930 Harry Craddock


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